The 2016 Fund for Green-Wood



 I’d like to share with you our highest priority projects for 2016 which can only be accomplished with your continuing generous support.

First, our exciting arboretum project. Our collection of more than 8,000 trees will be front and center in 2016, as we complete a critical initiative to label and catalogue every Green-Wood tree. We are championing the preservation of our remarkable collection of trees, and of our landscape, by ensuring that visitors discover something new and exciting each time they visit our grounds.

Second, early next year, we’ll be starting the final phase of restoration of the landmarked 19th-century Weir Greenhouse. When finished, it will become Green-Wood Visitor’s Center and home to a gallery for the permanent exhibition of our archive collections. This historic neighborhood gem whose rescue Brooklynites have long hoped for is approaching completion! Please support this project and get us across the finish line.

Third, we’re ready to take the next step in our educational programs for children. In 2015, your generosity helped us create a wonderful new program that features lessons about the Civil War told through the lives of the soldiers interred at Green-Wood and through our collection of primary source documents and artifacts. Now, it’s time to enlist a team of educators to lead these tours.

We truly need your help. These programs are all outside the purview of the operation of Green-Wood Cemetery, which is why our Green-Wood Historic Fund (and not the Cemetery itself) must underwrite their costs. And the Green-Wood Historic Fund’s funding and ongoing support comes from YOU and others like you who love Green-Wood and want to ensure that it’s here for many more generations to come.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of this extraordinary place. It’s a treasure for all of us. 

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