Final Camping Ground: Civil War Veterans at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, in Their Own Words


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By Green-Wood Cemetery historian Jeff Richman

They wrote from camp, just trying to survive. They wrote from the front, awaiting battle. They wrote from the battlefield, where they lay dying. Their words reflect their patriotism, their humor, their dedication.

A result of The Green-Wood Historic Fund’s Civil War Project, Final Camping Ground by Green-Wood Cemetery historian Jeffrey I. Richman is a fascinating collection of letters, journals and battlefield reports written by the Civil War veterans who have been identified, after almost five years of research by hundreds of volunteers, as Green-Wood’s permanent residents. The softcover 268-page book (The Green-Wood Cemetery, 2007) is supplemented by Final Camping Ground: Illustrated Bographical Dictonary Companion (click to purchase), a searchable CD with more than 700 pages of text and hundreds of photographic portraits that was updated in 2009 with the biographies 4,300 Civil War veterans.