Notes of a Pianist, Louis Moreau Gottschalk


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Edited by Jeanne Behrend

Gottschalk's fascinating diaries, originally published in 1881.

With a new foreword by S. Frederick Starr.

Notes of a Pianist chronicles the life of one of the most remarkable musical minds of the American experience, the great 19th-century New Orleans-born composer and pianist Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-1869). Gottschalk recorded his experiences as he traveled and performed throughout the last decade of his life and recounts them in bold style not unlike his music, whether at a railroad siding worrying about the fate of his precious Chickering concert grand pianos before the Civil War battle of Gettysburg, fleeing San Francisco for South America because of a concocted scandal, or tending the wounded during the revolution in Lima, Peru. (Softcover, Princeton University Press, 2006)