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Summer Appeal

Summer Appeal

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For some light summer reading, we have created the top ten reasons why New Yorkers love Green-Wood. And (spoiler alert) we’ll cap it off with the number one reason why a donation to Green-Wood is something you should really consider doing right now.

Of course, if you’re pressed for time but already more than motivated to support Green-Wood, you can skip the rest and go directly to the donation button to support the future of this majestic place now!

Top Ten Reasons New Yorkers Love Green-Wood

#10. Green-Wood offers winding paths, rolling hills, and a quiet oasis free of charge, every single day of the year. Our 478 acres will inspire you too.

#9. Connect to our Tree Finder with your smart phone, and voilà! You’ll be a tree expert. Stand in front of any of our 7,000 trees (we’re an accredited arboretum, by the way) and you’ll instantly learn what kind of tree it is and what its Latin name is too.

#8. We’re training young Brooklynites for jobs in historic preservation. Ten just graduated in May! Together with the World Monuments Fund, Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, and the International Masonry Institute (the educational arm of BAC Local 1), we launched this exciting new workforce development program earlier this year.

#7. Boss Tweed is buried here. And if you’re a fan of 19th-century government corruption, he’s your man.

#6. Are you a gardener? We offer free mulch for anyone who wants it. Just come to our main entrance with a container and it’s yours.

#5. We believe in environmental justice too. Our new Give Trees a Chance program trains Sunset Park residents to take care of the all-important street trees in the neighborhood which are critical to the health of a community.

#4. Green-Wood is home what could be the oldest performance space in New York City – our Catacombs, built in the 1850s! This summer and fall our Angel’s Share concert series in the catacombs features a world premiere opera, a classical harp performance, twin pianos recital, and more. It’s the kind of intimate experience you don’t get every day.

#3. The koi pond! Delighting local toddlers, parents, and Brooklynites of all ages, Green-Wood’s beautiful and ever-popular koi fish swim in the pond near Tranquility Garden.

#2. Green-Wood’s Freedom Lots – the final resting place for more than 1,300 free Black people who lived in the mid-1800s – has been the focus of much research. Green-Wood provided the first of these lots at no cost in 1847 in response to a request from the manager of the Colored Orphans’ Asylum. A Princeton University researcher says of Green-Wood’s archival materials on these interments, “I’m not aware of any publicly available datasets (on 19th-century African Americans) that come close to the comprehensive coverage of Green-Wood’s materials.”

#1. 570,000 New Yorkers can’t be wrong. Green-Wood is the final resting place for more than half-a-million Americans since 1838. Created as a beautiful place for both the dead and the living, Green-Wood continues to be one of NYC’s most magnificent natural sanctuaries.

There’s simply nowhere else like Green-Wood. And we need your help to make sure it’s here for generations to come.

I’m writing today to ask for your continued support of our work. Your tax-deductible contribution to the Green-Wood Historic Fund supports all of this and so much more.


Richard J. Moylan

To donate in the name of a loved one or other recipient, please specify your donation amount, click the Add to Cart button, and include the name and any other desired message in the "special instructions" box on the following cart page.

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