Summer Appeal



Dear Friend,

It’s 1985. It’s a beautiful summer day. You and your family approach the gates of Green-Wood Cemetery, excited to come in and immerse yourselves in the beauty and history of the place. But, the guard won’t let you in. “No one gets in without a pass” he informs you.

There are no tours. No programs. No free maps. There’s no one to welcome you in.

Now, fast forward to summer 2016. You arrive at Green-Wood for a walking tour with our historian. One of our greeters hands you a free map. The grounds look beautiful. You know you’re somewhere very special.

What makes the difference between then and now? That’s easy: you.

As one of our loyal supporters, you have helped ensure that Green-Wood is one of the city’s most unique, unexpected, exceptionally beautiful, and treasured spots in all of New York.

I’m writing today to ask for your continued support of our work. Every year, your tax-deductible contribution to the Green-Wood Historic Fund supports over 150 public programs, historical research, the maintenance and expansion of our archives and collections, “Green-ealogy,” and more.

Many don’t realize that these programs are supported by our non-profit Green-Wood Historic Fund. And its funding and ongoing support comes from you and others like you who appreciate Green-Wood and its history, art, sculpture, architecture and natural beauty.

I know you value Green-Wood as one of New York City’s treasures.

Please help us continue to steward this beautiful historic cemetery. Your partnership and your commitment will enable to us to honor our mission to ensure that Green-Wood is here for many generations to come. I look forward to seeing you around the grounds.


Richard J. Moylan

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