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Adopt a Tree

Adopt a Tree

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Do you have a special tree at Green-Wood that you are particularly fond of? Perhaps it overlooks a favorite vista, or shades a loved one’s grave. For a tax-deductible contribution, you may “adopt” one of the trees that make Green-Wood’s landscape so special. A plaque bearing the name of the person you are honoring or memorializing—as well as information about the tree—will be placed at the tree for a period of one, five, or ten years. At the end of the adoption period, you will be given first opportunity to renew.
To browse trees at Green-Wood from the comfort of your home, check out our online tree finder
Certain trees are available for lifetime adoptions, starting at $5,000. For more information, and to see if the tree you are interested in is eligiable, please contact us

New Adoptions
If you have a tree in mind, please contact Penelope H. Duus by email to ensure that it is available for adoption (you will need to provide the tree's tag number, which you can find on a small silver tag on the tree). Don't have a specific tree in mind? Let us know in the comments box at checkout we will reach out with guidance on how you can select a tree on your next visit to Green-Wood. 

Renewing Adoptions
Please indicate in the comments box at checkout that you are renewing an adoption, and include the type of tree and name of the person to whom it is dedicated.

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