Become a 2020 Green-Wood Beehive Sponsor



Help protect the honey bee population by sponsoring a Green-Wood beehive! Your donation goes directly to support and sustain healthy bee colonies for the year 2020, which cross-pollinate Green-Wood's extensive 478 acres and help keep Brooklyn's natural environment healthy and diverse.

Your monetary support will go towards hive equipment, supplies and, most importantly, the time and expertise of our beekeepers.


When you sponsor a Green-Wood beehive, you receive the following:
  • One certificate of sponsorship, signed by Green-Wood President Richard Moylan.
  • Invitation to the sponsors-only Honey Harvest in late summer 2020. With Green-Wood’s beekeepers and your fellow sponsors, you will help extract honey from honeycomb and learn about the inner-workings of our beehives.
  • Jars of The Sweet Hereafter: Honey from Green-Wood. After the 2020 Honey Harvest, full-hive sponsors will receive ten 3 oz. jars, and half-hive sponsors will receive five 3 oz. jars.
  • The AMAZING feeling of knowing that you are helping to boost the population of one our most important pollinators, the honeybee!