Sponsor a Green-Wood Beehive for 2020

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2020 sponsorships have closed. Please stay tuned for 2021 sponsorships!

Help protect the honey bee population by sponsoring a Green-Wood beehive! Your donation helps us to support healthy bee colonies, which cross-pollinate Green-Wood's 478 acres and help keep Brooklyn's natural environment healthy and diverse.

Your donation goes towards hive equipment, supplies, and, most importantly, the time and expertise of our beekeepers.


As a Green-Wood beehive sponsor, you receive:

  • A certificate of sponsorship, signed by Green-Wood President Richard J. Moylan.
  • Invitation to the sponsors-only Virtual Beekeeping Season Recap, to take place over Zoom in early fall.  
  • Jars of The Sweet Hereafter: Honey from Green-Wood. After the 2020 Honey Harvest, full-hive sponsors will receive ten 3 oz. jars, and half-hive sponsors will receive five 3 oz. jars.
  • The amazing feeling of knowing that you are helping to boost the population of one our most important pollinators, the honeybee!

Prefer your gift to be fully tax-deductible? (You will not receive an allotment of honey.) Just write "no honey" in the notes box at checkout.